New to Eurail. How to amend tickets?

  • 21 February 2023
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If I put together a pass for a trip, how do I 1) Upgrade its default of second class to first and 2) select and pay for high speed trains?  Do I first pay for the basic pass and then amend it through seat reservations? If so, how do I do this? Will adding class and speed require booking a specific day or can I pay for those things whenever I use thr train for those connections?


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When you buy a pass you choose whether you want a 1st or a 2nd class pass. Upgrading individual journeys is possible in some specific cases. If you want to travel more in 1st, the 1st class pass is generally by far a better deal.

For high speed trains, you'll often need an active travel day on your pass and generally a seat reservation (which encompasses an implicit supplement). Booking seat reservations limits you to the specific train you book. You can do that last minute, but there's a risk these trains get full in which case you won't be able to travel.

Reservations are pretty separate from the pass. You can see tricks on how to get them on this community page: 

In general, don't activate your pass & travel days early - they don't "reserve" anything" and once they're active on the day itself they can't be cancelled. If travelling on trains with compulsory seat reservations, don't activate your travel day until after you have the reservation.

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Note that if you get a second class ticket and plan to upgrade to first class you cannot do this just by reserving and paying for a first class reservation. You need to pay a separate supplement.


There are very few direct options for pass holders to pre-buy a first class upgrade for a train and I believe most of these need to be purchased direct from the operator. Most other times operators will charge the difference between a standard second class fare and the equivalent first class fare (plus possibly a fine if travelling in first class with a second class pass).

If you list the countries you plan to visit I am sure the community will give you specific guidance.

As in the first post - please consider reservations as totally separate from your pass.

To travel on any and all trains all you need is your pass activated, a current travel day set up (created when you transfer the first train of the day from your trip) and the specific train listed below the QR code. This is your ticket to travel.

On trains requiring a mandatory reservation or supplement you need additional proof of the reservation/supplement (i.e. both a validated pass and a copy of the reservation/supplement).