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  • 21 March 2022
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Hello, please help. I have a problem with outbound/inbound. I travel from Germany to France (Cottbus-Berlin-Mannheim-Paris) and for this travel I need two travel days and one Outbound and also Inbound. Now I don’t have a Inbound for travel back home because my travel to France needs 2 days. What can I do??


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Bitte, genau Zeiten der Hinfahrt anzeigen.

IF you (maybe, just a guess) use the Nacht-ICE from B to K/D or so (@0.20 from HBF) then simply buy a separate VBB-ticket bis B for the Anreise. That will not cost the earth.

IF you use the Overnight to like Offenburg or so (as there was a recent same-same post), then buy @ Offenburg the local Verbund=Ortenau ticket bis Strasbourg. Or do not follow the planner (as it will show shortest route) stay on train to Basel SBB-use French=free local TER train to MUlhouse and on from there. May be this also saves a lot of supplmt to pay.

In general-this is indeed a potential prob for using overnight trains-and in the past IR-pass-users were always very clever to avoid these extras, but this capacity seems to have flown in the wind since all the planners take the thinking off people. But thats my humble opinion only.

In any case you need 2 traveldays to continue into FR, so minimize the extra ticket in DE to shortest/cheapest route.

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Wie @mcadv  sagte
Plan A
Entweder nutzt du den Nachtzug bis Basel und denn über Mulhouse nach Paris  (vermeidest das du einen Zug in Deutschland besteigst)
Plan B
Oder du zahlst Offenburg - Strassbourg das ticket selbst (ist nicht ganz so teuer)
Plan C.1
Wenn es Sonntag abends los geht kannst du ab Berlin mit dem 00.26 Intercity nach Fankfurt fahren und hast direkten Anschluss an den TGV nach Paris
Plan C.2
mit dem täglichen Nacht- ICE von Berlin ab 00.20 nach Köln. Von Köln gehts denn z.B. mit dem Thalys weiter nach Paris

Plan C benötigt denn ein zusätzliches Ticket für Cottbus - Berlin :)