Nighttrain with one country pass + global pass

  • 18 September 2023
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Hello, I am a Dutch student which is going to study in Germany. Because I'm required to do so I will be a registered resident in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. I want to use public transport often when I am in Germany so I would probably like to buy a global pass for the time being. However, I would also sometimes like to travel back to my home in the Netherlands with the European Sleeper nighttrain.


Because I am registered in both countries, I would like to know if it would be possible to buy an additional Benelux Pass (as a German resident) and a Global pass (as a Dutch citizen) so that I can use my inbound/outbound trip of my global pass later?


I don't know if this is practical, however, I would just like to know if it would be allowed to make a seat reservation at the European Sleeper nighttrain with a Benelux pass together with a Global pass so that I don't have to use my inbound/outbound trip yet.

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