Non-consecuvite stations and changes trains


I have 2 questions related to the 10 days pass. 

  1. Is it possible to use days of travels even if the stations are not consecutives? (ex. I travel from Warsaw to Bratislava using the pass, then i use a bus to go from Bratislava to Wien and then I use again the pass from Wien to Budapest).
  2. Train changes are included in a travel? (ex. If I go to Amsterdam to Berlin and i have 2 changes is still 1 day of travel?)



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Yes to 1+2-you can ue as many trains as you can manage in 1 day and can also walk/bus/tram it between stazione!

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  1. yes sure
  2. yes. you can take so many trains in one day as you can till midnight. If you enter a train before midnight it counts as the departure date till you exit the train the next day.