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Preparing for my next trip (with Global Pass) I saw, that except the Dublin-Belfast route, I cannot find trains and stations from Northern Ireland in the RailPlanner app (nor in the map, neither at the search). Does it mean, that the pass is not valid on the other (Bangor, Larne, Londonderry, etc.) lines, or only a lack of data exists?


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There is no relation between pass validity and trains that appear (or not) in the rail planner app. Northern Ireland railways simple don't share their data.

The pass is valid in trains of the participating companies, whether their timetables appear in the app or not. You can add missing trains manually.

The app is incomplete (see the link on the app's start screen) and often out of date and should never be used to plan.

Thank you, that’s great!

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It may be beneficial to not use Interrail/Eurail in Northern Ireland.

A one day pass for NI is £19 (+£1 for the card) and covers all rail and bus services run by Translink, bus being very useful there due to the small number of rail lines.