Not starting/ending journey in country of residence

  • 10 February 2022
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hei! my country of residence is Germany but i would like to start and end my journey in Austria, hence use my outbound/inbound to and from Austria. This is especially important since im traveling through Germany several times and dont want to use inbound/outbound there. Is that possible ??


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3 replies

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No it is not possible, unless you have an austrian passport.


The important thing is the country of residence written on the Interrail Pass. In this country the Pass is only valid if you use an In- or Outbound day. Back in days there wasn’t in- and outbound rule at all and you had to pay for separate tickets to get out of your country and back (or to travel within).

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Oder man hat ja ein Nachweis dass mann IN Österreich wohnt und beim Bürgeramt gemeldet worden ist, mindestens 6 Monate vorher. Könnte für Studenten mit Auslandsjahr manchmal gelten.

okay :( but thanks for the reply !