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  • 18 April 2022
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Hi , I’m an old inter railer first inter rail 1975 latest in 2019 . I’ve written two articles one on 1975 the other on 2019 showing the comparisons and travel log . I would be interested to be advised about where I could post them for like minded  people to share and comment?

2 replies

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Thank you for your reply . I appreciate your time and comment. I will wait and see . Perhaps there is someone out there who might be in the same position as myself. I would be interested if there is a internet forum for experienced inter railers? But, I understand inter rail is perhaps a younger experience but we have a 60 + ticket . Which is brilliant . I have done 8 inter rails so respect to you for the number you have enjoyed.  

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Just above your post-but of course this may move, was a request to post memories etc-though I think mostly for more uptodate experience. But it may indeed be interesting to read how it used to be in those old days!………..