One Country or Global Pass?

  • 15 July 2021
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I’m planing on traveling from Paris to Milan then travel more or less a month in Italy and then get back to France. Hence i want to  buy a GLOBAL  interrail pass of 10 days for 2 month to get to Italy and then travel within Italy. 
But I was wondering : can I travel within Italy with a GLOBAL pass or do I need to buy a separate ITALY interrail pass ? Will the global pass only work when I m crossing a border or can I also use it to travel within  a country ? 



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You can use the Globalpass much you like in Italy :) Only France is for you limited as France is your Residence Country :)

You have one outbound and one inbound day for France
And can use as much you want the trains of Trenitalia in Italy (note that the Highspeed services need a reservation :/ )