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  • 26 June 2023
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I’m from France and planning to travel to Germany. I was wondering if I buy the one-country pass (Germany) Would it include my trip from France to Germany and from Germany to France?

Thank you in advance!


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2 replies

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Only some (border) destinations in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria or Italy reached by DB trains are included.

Depending from where you're based in France, you need an ordinary ticket to one of those stations (Bruxelles Midi for the ICE e.g. For the North of France) or the first German station. 

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And a Global Pass shouldn't cost much more than a German Pass + TGV tickets to the border depending on where you live. Remember to book TGVs well in advance, esp. if you'd like to travel on weekends.

With a Global Pass you get free domestic TGV seat reservations by going to a SNCF ticket counter and asking for a billet parcours d'approche. Useful to get to Strasbourg for example.

All this unless you'd like to use the 49€ subscription valid on most public transportation except fast and high-speed trains (IC/EC/ICE + some exceptions). :)