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  • 2 September 2021
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Hello erveryone

I am interested in using the one-country pass for France. I am from Germany and I found a connection from Mannheim to Paris with a TGV. This belongs to the french train company and is included in the one-country pass for France but I am starting in Germany. Now I am wondering which regulations count? Can I use the one-country pass because I am travelling with a TGV or is it not possible to use it because I am starting in Germany?
I would be grateful to get more information about it.
Thank you.



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Hey Patricia,

with that TGV it might be a bit tricky as there is no regular stop after Saarbrücken until Paris.

The One Country Pass is in Germany not valid on this connection.

You might buy a Sparpreis on for the whole connection or alternative: buy a Baden Württemberg Ticket and travel to Kehl. From Kehl you can take the cheap tram to Strasbourg (single ticket needed). From Strasbourg on you have many connections to Paris and your One country pass will be valid (just a reservation will be needed!)

Hope this helps.

Good trip


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It doesn´t matter who owns the train :) it matters who operate it. Within Germany the TGV´s are operated by DB Fernverkehr :)

This means your Interrailpass would be valid from Borderpoint of the German/French railnetwork :)

@MartinM  suggested nice solutions :) You could even take the regionaltrain all the way to Strassbourg as quite many to Kehl go further to Strassbourg