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  • 6 February 2022
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Me and my friends would like to travel around east europe from 15th of august till 10th of september and the one month ticket would be perfect for us. Now my question is if the one month ticket is only availble in one month or can it also go over the two months?

Many thanks in advance

Denise and friends


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4 replies

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Hi, yes and three months too!

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The one month (Continouspass or the Flexipass with Xdays in a month) means you can activate it on the 15th August and travel as much you like till the 14th September so yes a one month pass covers you traveltime in Europe.

Note that Traintrips in East Europe are pretty cheap and normal tickets are cheaper as the “value” of a travelday of the pass ;)

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Oops, I missunderstood the question...

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It all depends on where and what trips you want to make, but probably the best way is to buy a pass with a nr of passdays for really long trips and from/to your home and pay locally for short trips, Or f.e. in summer in CZ and SK and all year in PL there are also very cheap local passes for 1 week or a nr of days-limited to special train companies.

If you intend to mainly visit old Yugoslavija-Bulgaria, then forget the pass. You will very often turn to the bus due to lack of trains running.