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  • 23 December 2021
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  1. When buying an Interrail pass on, "Plus" (23 EUR extra) is automatically added on checkout. If you don't want that, you first have to notice it and then unselect it.
    I'm not sure if it's allowed to add optional extras automatically but regardless of that: it is undesired. Please change that.
  2. If you click on "Continue shopping" during checkout and then return to the checkout later, then "Plus" is added back again! This is even less desirable, since you should be able to trust that your order is not changed after you've saved it.

Any feedback from Eurail (@Nanja :) appreciated.

5 replies

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Thanks for flagging, rvdborgt. We will look into point 1 and come back to you on that.

Regarding your second point, this is indeed not how it should be and has been passed on to the relevant team. They will change that around as soon as possible so that when it is deselected, it will not be added again when leaving the check-out. I will let you know once the change has been implemented. 

1. This will be kept as it is. If you have any remarks or concerns on this matter, you can file a complaint via the Customer Support form. 
2. This was a bug and has been resolved. 

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@Nanja, Has the fix for issue 2 been rolled out? I just noticed it is still not fixed on the current website.

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@1: under general EU-rules this is simply NOT allowed-same applies to all those budget airlines. ANY optional add-on has to be presented separately and not as included and with the chance to delete.

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It should have been, but let me check it again rvdborgt.

Thanks for your comment @mcadv. As mentioned, please send your remark directly to our Customer Support via the form. It will then be picked up by the relevant team. Thanks! 


Takung the Plus-option mesns wasting-money, if you have a travel-insurance (with cancel-option), because your insurance will take the costs for the 15% you will loose after canceling a pass.