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  • 6 August 2022
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Hi, I will buy a global pass and live in Portugal.

However, to start my journey, I will fly to another country to save some time. Do I have to put my residence country as Portugal and then the 2 travel rule will not apply anymore? Or do I need to put the other country and then I can only do 2 travels in that country?


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Bom dia, no of course not; your homecountry is PT=Portugal and you simply and understandably due to its location and very hard and time consuming rip on rails from there to/via ESpana, then FRance, skip this long and tiresome trip-and save money too-a cheap RYANair will cost likely even less as these surcharges alone.

In fact you could use it-assuming f.e. you take Ryan from Porto-CP from home to Porto-PAY for Porto metro to aeropuerto (NO CP), fly out, and same day can till use passday from f.e. MANchester to Newcastle-this is just an example. Bom viajem.

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The 2 home country days are optional so flying out and in simply gives you the full number of travel days on your pass to enjoy. We in the UK have similar issues with only Eurostar available for rail journeys to the rest of Europe, or on your return.

One other point is you can use your pass in your home country for journeys to an airport and then for any onward journeys on the same day in your destination airport.