Outbound-journey or travel-day

  • 4 August 2022
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I don't know how inbound and outbound work in combination with travel days.. I have an interrail paper pass and I will write down all my travels in there.

My journey will be starting in Germany (home country). On one day I will go from my home town to Munich and the next day from Munich to Rome (1 change in Italy). If I drive with another ticket to Munich... Is Munich->Rome my outbound-journey? Or is this the first travel day?

Going home I will start in Neapel, change in Venice to a Night Train and then again to Munich and from there to my hometown. Is the complete journey my Inbound?


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You would need to use a separate ticket for 2 of those days, you can only travel in your home country on 2 of your pass days.

@Al_G I am not sure if I got it right..

If I buy seperate tickets from my home to Munich, can I use Munich->Bozen->Rome as Outbound und Neapel->Venice->Munich as Inbound ? 

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Inbound/Outbound are just 2 days within your pass validity that you can travel in your home country as well as the rest of Europe, what you are suggesting fits in with this.

A day is 00.01 to 23.59 with any train scheduled to start by 23.59 being allowed for it’s full journey as part of the first day.

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Dafür gibt es ein Sonderfeld innen im Umsclag-oben auf des Reise-Journal.

Du musst also ENTW am gleichen Tag ab M bis wenigstens Kufstein fahren-ODER wenn nicht möglich-Tag 2 ein Sonderkarte-oder im NV vorab zu Kufs fahren mit das 9€-was du wiohl sicher auch hast?

Ausserdem ist für JEDE Fahrt im EC bis IN IT noch 10€ Zuschlag zu zahlen-tust du das vorab am DB-Schalterk kann die Sitrz RES dabei gleich kommen

Danke @mcadv