Paper pass never received

  • 31 July 2021
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Hello the community,

I bought a global pass, paper one. But I never received it. I am trying to contact by e-mail, messenger and twitter interrail but I never had any answer.

Does anyone has a solution or a phone number to solve this problem?

I plan to go in 10 days.

Thank you for your help





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6 replies

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Did you use the new contact form? That's the best way to contact customer service.

Yes, i had an answer their hold me that I took a mobile pass for which I received an email. But I never received it.. .


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You can exchange a mobile pass for a paper pass:

Customer service can do that. If you leave in 10 days, then ask them ASAP. They should be able to find your order, even if you didn't receive an email.

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Hi Ludi, just checking in to see if you have received the email you were missing. Do let me know. Cheers, 


I am in a similar situation - my paper pass never arrived. I purchases a Greek Islands pass (4 travels within 1 month). I am trying to obtain a digital one but no one seems to be able to answer my emails or messages. 

I am leaving tomorrow ! I am a bit worried, could someone help please 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Josephine, Can you provide me with your email address via a private message so that we can sort it our for you? It is not possible to purchase the digital one. The Greek island Pass is only available as paper version.