Paper pass takes 2 months to deliver?

  • 11 June 2022
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Hello, I’m trying to order the Interrail 4-Day Greek Islands pass, but it says it will take 2 months to deliver. I’m not sure if this is a bug or what, but I’m leaving in 3 weeks. What can I do? Is there a way to get the mobile pass and enter details digitally? I’m also not that excited that I need to pay for this delivery, plus some kind of a protection. I end up paying 30% more. If there’s a way to get the mobile pass without this paper, please let me know.




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6 replies

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Just forget it-it brings you very little and causes a fair lot of prob-see reviews (many ferries not valid, not all islands etc). It is indeed only available as paper-though some experts claim that railways that can still sell paper InterRail passes should then also be able to issue this.

IF really that eager to possibly gain a few € discount-try some private tickets/passes sellers in your country IF. Asking does not hurt and may even help others if you can feedback

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It is no bug, the delivery time is very long due to extremely high demand on passes.

There is no way to get a mobile version of this pass.

It’s a shame they are complicating this process so much with the physical pass. I don’t see why they need to force this and not to be able to buy this digitally.

It is no bug, the delivery time is very long due to extremely high demand on passes.

There is no way to get a mobile version of this pass.

I see. That’s more the reason why this should be available digitally. I wonder how does this company operate during summer every year? These are the best months. It’s just a discount pass. If this was availabile online to buy and be done with it, I wouldn’t have these problems. This is very disappointing.

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If you live near a station that sells Interrail passes, then try there. This pass is part of the standard range of Interrail passes, so in principle all railways should be able to sell it.


I was in the same situation.
Yesterday I called DSB on +45 70 13 14 18 and ordered 5 Greek Island passes. They told me to send the details: name, birthday and passport id. They filled out the paper passes and phoned me back in 30 minutes. They send me a link where I could pay for the passes and I got a confirmation and a link to track the PostNord delivery. At lunch today, I could see that the letter is in Sweden already. DSB said it would take 5-7 days.

A great customer experience so far - thanks DSB!! Instead of having to wait until august 19, which was the estimated time of delivery if ordering from the website.

Many people say you don’t save money - but for our family with the trip we are making, it will be half the price using the island passes (we are traveling Paros, Naxos, santorini where blue star ferries run and they are included in the passes). Child dies not need to pay and youths get reduced price with the pass.