Paper vs mobile pass for group of 6

  • 18 July 2021
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Planning a 3 generation trip for 6, Old and Middle generations will be spending 21 days, young adult grandsons will join us for 14 days.  Never bought more that a specific ride before, but am planning to make this as simple as possible and purchase 22 day passes and 14 day passes for the kids.  From what I’ve read here, there may be some issues trying to get the tickets to the proper phones and also some issues with getting the mobile pass to operate properly.  Trip will include Prague and Budapest. Any input would be appreciated.  The trip has a lot of moving parts, I just want the trains to be as simple as possible.

3 replies

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I still prefer the Paperpass especially if you intend to take a Nighttrain (for example Prague  - Budapest 🙂 )

With the paperpass you just have to fill the train you are taking in the traveldiary attached to the paperpass :)

If you could share some more stops or Routes we could suggest which tickets are the best for you or which trains are the bests :) (Some countries offer Group discounts that maybe can workout cheaper as with Eurail :) ) and depending how many stops you will have maybe a flexipass worksout cheaper :)

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seewulf--thanks for the response.  I am almost certainly wasting a bit of money purchasing consecutive day passes--this is one of those “once in a lifetime” trips and there is already some money “wasted” on airfare and lodging.  I want the train to be part of the whole experience, so really don’t want to worry about anything other than hopping the correct train, and if end up in the wrong spot, I want to just jump on the next train and get to our destination.  I love tech, but it looks like the paper pass is more foolproof. I want everyone to have their own ticket--there may be a time we don’t want to travel together.

I simplifying the question:  which is the most foolproof, paper or mobile?

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Simple answer paper pass :D

I just asked as on some Routes maybe Reservation fee´s applies on top of the Railpasses and these can be sometimes quite high :/

And on other Routes as for example Praha - Vienna - Budapest operate cheap railcompanies ticket for just 18€ per person in low cost or 35€ in their highest travelclass that is often cheaper as a Eurail travelday (depending of the type a Eurailday worths  25€-40€ )