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  • 20 December 2022
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Hi all.


Where and how do i book a Paris to Zurich ticket with my interrail pass? I can’t find the option on any of the booking sites to add my interrail pass.


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9 replies

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What date and time do you want to make a reservation for? 

If you plan to take a direct TGV you should know that the seat reservation cost is extremely expensive.

If you want to travel cheaper you only take the TGV to Mulhouse in France. Then you only pay 10 or 20 EUR for the seat. From Mulhouse you take the reservation free TER to Basel. From Basel there are lots of connections to Zürich and in Switzerland all trains, apart from some scenic trains, are reservation free.


Hi there,


thanks so much for responding. Im travelling on the 6th April 2023 around 10am, but I think I might be a bit early to book this as its over 90 days away?

Im travelling with a young child and my partner and so am avoiding lots of changing trains, so was thinking the direct route between Paris and Zurich would be best, even though it is expensive.

am i right in thinking that i only need a reservation for this with my global interrail pass?

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Best check and read our custom made and updated seat reservation overview carefully:

Direct connections for the 6th of April are the following. No 10 AM connection apparently.


Much more TGV’s Paris-Mulhouse in a day - but indeed a bit too early to book:

Trains Mulhouse - Basel are quite frequent (4 every hour on weekdays, spread around hh:15 or hh:45). The whole Swiss train system is made from the concept of quick, convenient and easy transfers between trains. I wouldn’t worry about it too much about it and save yourselves from the extortionate reservation fee on TGV Lyria :). 37 EUR per person, so more than 100 EUR for simple seat reservations in second class is a lot!


Thank you so much! You seem to know a lot about this!

do you know much about the bernina express too?


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@Petermcmaster I just know more or less where to find information for trains, which can be ridiculously difficult sometimes. 😉

What do you want to know about the Bernina?


It’s true! We are very excited to go on our family interrail trip, but it is incredibly difficult to find the right information, and buy tickets etc.


RE Bernina. I have first class interrail tickets for myself and my family, and i am wondering if this means that I can reserve first class bernina tickets without extra ticket cost? And also, i am wanting to get the connecting bus from Tirano to Lugano. Is it wise to do this through the bernina booking system, on the website


thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

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The pass is your ticket for the Bernina Express. If you want to make a seat reservation you can do that in 1st or 2nd class but there are always reservation free cars on the Bernina Express so you actually don't need a reservation. 

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The Bernina Express comes with an extra cost, which can be quite hefty (+/- 45 CHF for a return journey) in 1st, but it comes with extra service I think. But! All the hourly, ordinary RhB trains are free from reservations! And these follow the exact same route as the Bernina. You might need to change trains somewhere to get to Tirano, but again. It's Switzerland, changes are easy and reliable.

There are also some non-reservable carriages normally on the Bernina Expresses, so technically you don't need one. But it won't be the fancy panorama cars. Only the full Bernina and the Glacier express experience require reservations at RhB. (Just buy tickets on the RhB site, and when filling out your details select interrail as a discount). 

I don't know about the bus though. Maybe someone else here can enlighten you!

It's a great area to stay a couple of days in btw. Itns beautiful, but it's even better when you take your time through it instead of rushing trough. Plenty of wonderful nature, good hiking and wintersport facilities (if there would be any snow left). I really recommend staying a couple of days somewhere in Graubünden!

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Regarding Bernina Express and Bernina Bus :) 

The Panoramic Carriages of the Bernina Express need a reservation.  In my opinion wasted money. 
Thats my point of view about Glacier & Bernina Express in the article below

The “Bernina Bus” can be used with Interrail but you need a reservation (carefull the bus only goes in Seasons and have just few seats that are often sold out well in advance :/
As Plan B you may catch from Tirano a direct Regionaltrain to Milan ;)