Paris - Turku

  • 13 January 2024
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Hi all,

Before buying a card, I’d like to be sure that it will be interesting for me. I understand that I have to pay for reservation and cabin in night train, so is it really interesting? I don’t know how can I calculate what I have to add ?

I would like to travel from Paris to Turku (Finland). It seems the quicker way is to go to Koeln and Hamburg in a day and take the night train to Stockholm (with a cabin booking). Then, I’ll take ferry by night from Stockholm to Turku. Is it included ?

I never used interrail and I don’t understand everything.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Nb : I have 50 years old and can’t take train. I want to go to Turku as quick as possible and with a night in a cabin on night train.




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32 replies

Next step… 😅 I add my travels in “my trip”, then in “my pass”. But how can I do with reservations? For example, if I book with OBB or SJ (cheaper) ? For the control, I have to show this reservation or is there something to add on the rail planner app ?

or with the App rail Europe ?


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Reservations and pass are separate worlds. In the rail planner app, you can't book reservations and they won't show up there. You just have to be able to show them on paper, if they're mandatory, on your screen or in an app. Not sure if it also works with the Rail Europe app, but you can try. The Rail Europe app can't book pass reservations (yet?) but maybe it can show them if you booked them via the website.

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You log on Rail Planner any train you'd like to take, whether it requires a reservation or not. This can be done at any point prior to boarding.

Onboard show both the app (QR-code, your pass) and the PDF/printed reservation.

I think I get all useful answers! 

Thanks all for your quick replies and help for my first experience with interrail pass. I’m ready to travel by train!

My journey is all finalized. I booked all trains😅Thanks a lot for your help.

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You're welcome. Enjoy the trip! :)

Do not hesitate to come back in case.