Pass Cover Number needed for mobile pass

I need my cover pass number as soon as possible. I need to book the seat reservation for the TGV train in France that leaves tomorrow and I do not want to pay full price since I already bought the global pass. I tried emailing support but they said they would answer in 2 days and that would be too late. I’ve already sent private message to some of the staff with my Eurail Global Pass order number. Please respond, and please consider providing this number on your website as it seems many people need this to make seat reservations. 

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When you need asap the reservation just visit a SNCF ticket office show your pass and say you want a reservation will be much faster as Eurail Customer service

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And if you're not close to a station, call SNCF (press #85 for English). Or if the ticket office is closed, check the SNCF ticket machine: it sells seat reservations for domestic trains in France.