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I’m thinking of getting a 4 day interrail pass and go from Soderhamn (Sweden) to Copenhagen. This will be a 19.5 hrs trip (from 2pm-9.30 am the next morning) does this count as 1 or 2 travel days? 

I then want to go from Copenhagen to Oslo which is a 30-40 hour trip depending on what trains I take. By doing this, would I have gone over my 4 day pass? 


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Hello dear….

To answer your first question, as per the rule of Eurorail, Travel day is counted from 12 am to 12 am next day. Thus, if you start your journey before 12 am and you reach to your destination next day after 12 am without changing the train, only ONE travel day will be counted. However, if you change any train in that journey, TWO days will be counted. THIS IS THE BASIC RULE OF COUNTING TRAVEL DAYS.

For your next query, keeping in mind the above rule, you may plan your itinerary so that it does not cross your planned 4 travel days.



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The day of departure counts. On a pass day (00:00 - 23:59) you can board as many trains as you'd like. If you board another train after midnight, it counts as another pass day.