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  • 26 February 2024
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Hi! Another question from a newbie. 

I am planning on doing the following trip: will I need 4 or 5 days?

Dates may change.


15 jul - Italy (outbound journey) to Carcassonne

20 jul - Carcassonne  - La Rochelle

26 jul - La Rochelle - Paris

30 jul - Paris - Nice via night train + 31 jul Nice to Italy (inbound journey)


Thank you for your precious help!  



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4 replies

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5 days as the departure day is what matters.

Italy - Carcassonne is a long journey. It might not be doable in a day depending on where you start.

(Side note : Paris is hosting the Olympics this summer -> expect crazy prices, more crowds than usual and extra security measures.)

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As you will be boarding trains on 5 different dates you will need a 5 day pass. Every day when you board a train is a travel day. 

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The Olympics start on the 26th of July so expect Paris to be overcrowded during your stay. If you haven't booked accommodation, do it ASAP, and it will probably be extremely expensive. 

Thank you! I have already booked my Paris accomodation, as I saw prices skyrocketing…