Pass deactivated itself

I have been travelling for just over a month so far.

About once a week or so I get a notification saying "Open your pass to keep it activated". So far I've opened it immediately amd haven't had any issues.

About 6 hours ago I got one of these notifications, but it was almost 2am so I went to sleep fully intending to open it when I woke up.

I have just woken up now to find my pass has basically been deleted, and I can't contact anyone through the app because it keeps saying "There are some technical difficulties right now".

Worst comes to the worst I'll have to buy seperate tickets for the rest of my trip, and I've already bought any necessary seat reservations and have them printed with me, but is there any way of getting my pass back? Or does 'within 48 hours' actually mean 'within 6'?

Thanks for any help.



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Hi, we are in the same situation. Our passes disappeared from the app and now we are in a train and we have to take another one today.

We need help...

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@maksn @Beatriz González Viejo 

There is a bug in the new version of the app that came yesterday.

You can read here how to fix it.


My pass has disappeared over night as well. I've never had those warnings as I am more or less constantly on line. 

My point is, it may not be because you didn't respond in time to the message. 

I'm travelling today and am waiting for a response from customer service about how to resolve it. If I don't hear back before I'm due to travel I'm going to try uninstalling the app and then setting it up again. 

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Read here:


Thank you so much!!!