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  • 14 April 2023
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My interrail pass expired like 3 days ago and I did not get the chance to activate it (because I didn’t event knew that I had to do that). I tried to reach costumer support and they did not try to help me. If there’s anyone who had the same problem and has a solution please let me know. 

Please don’t answer if you did not have the same problem.


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2 replies

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There was a famous train fan on Twitter with the same problem and he had to buy a new Pass, because the old one was expired. You can still try to ask customer service.


I had the same problem, there was a technical problem, I couldn’t activate my pass and now expired. They say also on the pass “nach dem 11.4. Aktivieren” after this date, but should be till this date “bis zu diesem Datum”. I can’t understand why they can’t activate it, specially when there was a technical problem.