Pass invalid as Pass ID does not match passport



Hello Interrail community, I have been traveling for over 20 days now with no issues, but today on my way to Graz from Woergl, the train conductor says that my pass isn’t valid, because the Pass Id doesn’t match my passport ID?


Can anyone help me?


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And does or doesn't it match?

Your passport number is in the app as "ID number”.

The pass number is in the app as "Pass reference”.

The “Pass reference” and “ID Number” are both the same in my pass?


I suppose one of them should be the same as my passport number, but it isn’t!

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The you must have added the pass number instead of the passport number as ID number when you activated the pass. This also means that your pass isn't valid.

As you have started to use the pass there is nothing that you can do about this more than hoping that the train conductors will not look that closely on your pass and that they, if they see the error, will not give you a fine or so.

Oh no! I have contacted Eurail as well, and really hope for some help!