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  • 7 January 2023
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I've just bought a pass but can't find a number for it. I think this should have come with the email confirmation; but where?

Thanks Phil 


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2 replies

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You should have received an email, in which the mobile pass number is pretty clearly mentioned under pass details. It usually takes a few minutes for the mail to arrive. It should also appear in your account on the site.

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It depends what you mean by number.


All you need to activate your pass and to add it to an account on the interrail/eurail website to make reservations is the alphanumeric code sent to you in your order email.


A pass cover number that some external booking sites ask for is not included in the mobile pass but can be generated using this tool.


Note: It’s best not to add to the app or activate passes in advance as they cannot be removed from the set device by users.