Pass number. Do I have to wait for my pass to arrive to have that number to make reservations?

Hi! I would do the greek interrail but the ticket can only
be delivered at home on 9 July. When will I receive the
pass nulber? Only when the ticket arrives at home or
immediately after the reservation online?
I mean, I would like to departure 11 July, and if the ticket with the pass number arrives 9 July, I can’t do the reservation in 2 days before departure.

But I’m asking if the pass number(needed in order to do the reservation of the ferries) come immediately after the reservation on line and I haven’t to wait for that to come with the ticket at home..

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 I would not trust the delivery dates given at purchase. I bought a pass on the 9th of May that should have been delivered on or before the 29th of May, which was yesterday. My pass has not yet been shipped from the Netherlands. I will be travelling about 8 weeks so I will hopefully get the pass in time.

I have not received any pass number, only an order number. 

As far as I have understood there are no international train running to/from Greece and only a few domestic trains avaliable. 

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That FERry pass: forget it, too many complaints, minimal or no discount and much reduced in what ferries you can take.