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I bought the global pass on flash sale from the UK website and the email that should contain my pass number is blank, including other Information. Have anyone experienced this? I emailed the EU support team as the UK won’t reply me for almost a week now. Still they cannot fix the issue and I don’t get the pass they’re trying to resend to me.


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  1. When do you need the pass?
  2. Important: did you mention that to the support team?

I mentioned in the email that I will have to use the pass in a week or two so I’m quite worried that I won’t have the pass by then @rvdborgt . I also called them but the line is always busy.


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Which e-mail address did you use and did you get any response confirming they had received your request? The best way to contact Interrail customer service is via this form.

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Hello, I'm sorry that your pass number is unavailable, I'm not entirely sure what could be the cause behind this. It seems like this issue has thankfully been resolved. Generally speaking, our customer service team is quite limited in taking action on a pass that has been bought from a different sales channel since we do not have all information available. In this case, you should always reach out to them first to resolve the issue.