Pass refunds and accidental travel days

  • 26 April 2022
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Hi, I’ve escalated some issues with Interrail but I haven’t had a response so I thought I’d try and get some answers here. 

One of our clients had issues with their mobile pass, their journeys weren’t showing when they had been added  and had some other tech issues which meant they were unable to use the app. We contacted interrail for support on this but because of a lack of response they were forced to buy a paper pass and consequently we want the mobile pass refunding - still no response from interrail regarding this.
Another client accidentally activated a pass day, again due to lack of response from interrail he was subsequently fined even. Something we could have avoided if we had had the support we needed. 
In the last three months we have spent over £20K on interrail passes and would really appreciate some quick assistance.

5 replies

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Adding @Marion and @Felipe.iturrieta 

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Hello Byway. I'm sorry to learn your clients encountered issues when travelling with the Passes. Unfortunately, we are currently dealing with a great number of requests, which means our response times are much longer than usual (and very far from ideal). 

I'm afraid there isn't much we can do to hasten the process at the moment; we are working at full capacity and have hired several new colleagues to help tackle the incoming high-season. Furthermore, when customers create a ticket, their requests are prioritized based on a few factors, the main one being travel dates (those currently travelling or starting their trips within 2 weeks have the highest priority). 

Rest assured that any technical issues which cause the loss of a travel day (or even worse, the issuing of a fine) are considered and taken care of by our Customer Service colleagues, who are authorized to offer financial compensation in cases that require/justify it. If you have any pending requests from customers travelling at the moment (or within the next 10 or so days) which require an urgent solution for them to continue their travels, please share the order numbers/mobile Pass numbers here so we can find the details in our systems and escalate them efficiently!

@Felipe.iturrieta thanks for your response and I appreciate that you are really busy.

Mobile pass numbers;

N6QRKM - Had to buy a paper pass

3R1J34 - Received a fine as accidentally used a travel day 

These clients have now finished travelling and are waiting on us for a response.


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Hello Byway. I see in our system that my colleagues have replied to the 3R1J34 case; more details are necessary, as it is not clear what the issue was (was the travel day added when activating the Pass, or were more travel days used up in the same calendar date?). As for N6QRKM, I cannot find any requests in our system about this issue. If you contact our team via , they will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please share as many details as you can, so our team can assess the situation and offer a solution without having to go through a back and forth with an e-mail exchange!

Thanks, I have logged a new issue for N6QRKM. If more details were needed about 3R1J34 then why haven’t we been contacted? We’d be more than happy to provide more information to get his resolved for our client. Will some one reach out to us about this or do I need to log a new issue? Thanks.