Pass shows 1/4 days used but no travel has taken place yet

  • 23 May 2023
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The validity of my pass starts on 9 June and runs till 8 Jul, I have not used it yet.  However it shows Travel days 3 / 4 left. How does it see I have travelled already ?  I also have not activated it yet.



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8 replies

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That is because you have activated the pass and selected the first travel day (16th June per your screenshot).

It is best not to activate it in advance because once a pass day has started, you can’t deactivate it.

Thanks for the answer, but to the best of my knowledge I have not intentionally activated it yet, the whole process is rather crytpic and confusing. Can I deactivate it if I have not travelled yet ?


Thanks for the tip, I believe I have deactivated it, sure appreciate the help thibcabe.


We have the same problem: we activated the pass because we want to travel in that period. No need to deactivate it.

But it takes a travel day for a journey in that period we have not made yet.

Like in the example of Eric. That s not correct. As long the day of the journey has not passed, it should not take a travel day.

How do we get our day back?

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Well that's because you activated it in advance. There's no need to do that at all.

The pass day is counted but it can be changed until 23:59 the day prior.

After midnight that day the pass day will be considered as used whether you have boarded a train or not.

Thank you for your respons.

“There's no need to do that at all.

Maybe no need but it is not forbidden either.

Interrail should state: Do not, by no means, activate your pass before first travel day!

No Need: for me it means you do not have to but you can do it if you want.

So i lost a travel day.

A travel day should be triggered by the day connected to the journey you add to your pass.


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Are you really sure that a travel day has been used? Can you post a screenshot without personal details?


Unless you activate a travel day, no travel days should be used. Previously a travel day was automatically assigned to the first day of the validity of the pass, but that has been changed. 


The reason for not activating the pass in advance is not related to the travel days but to the fact that you can't deactivate the pass once the validity has started. And in case something unexpected happens you have a valid pass that you can't deactivate. 

We have been in touch with the service centre; very quick response: everything sorted out now. Great Service!

But it stays strange that your pass shows a used travel day before your travel day is there and before you set one foot on the train.

FAQ states: You can activate your Pass any time up until your first travel day.

So maybe you should not add a journey till the day you travel?