• 23 February 2023
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Hello, We want to leave with a big group (35 people) from Belgium (July 10th) to go to Slovenia. To travel in the interior of Slovenia to visit (the Vintgar gorges - lake of bled - lake of Bohinj). Then, leave from Ljubjana to go to Piran on July 21. From Piran, go to Pula on the 22nd (Croatia) and finally leave Pula on the 24th to return to Belgium. First question: does the interrail pass apply to the number of days or trips (if we travel at night for example from the 22nd at 10 PM to the 23rd at 7 AM) is it counted as 2 days or 1 trip? Second question: which pass should we take if we travel only by Interrail from Belgium to Slovenia and from Slovenia to Croatia? Last question: is it cheaper to travel within Slovenia by interrail or by other means of transportation (Flixbus, train, bus..)? Thank you for your answers

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2 replies

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On a travel day, you can board as many trains as you like. It doesn't matter when you leave the train: it can be the next day. If you then board another train, then you'll need another travel day.

Also see:

To see what is cheaper, you have to look up the prices yourself. It may be that buying normal tickets is cheaper (also for domestic trains) for some journeys.

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Hmmmm, 35 personnes est beaucoup. Normalement tu peux réserver (avec interrail), jusqu’au 9 personnes. Sont-ils mineurs ou majeurs?

La capacité du train de nuit (Nightjet), en provenance de Bruxelles est aussi très limité.

Je pense qu’il vaut mieux de contacter SNCB international. Voici le lien:

Ils pourraient vous aider. Je pense que l’achat des tickets de groupes, sera plus avantageux que le coût de 35 pass interrails + sûrcout des reservations.