Pass transfer to new device

  • 15 June 2022
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I have attempted to contact your customer service six times.

I will be contacting PayPal to cancel this service since your team remain unresponsive to my polite and correct requests.


I made a purchase and was issued a mobile pass which I installed on my phone.

My phone was stolen while I was traveling in an Asian country.

I now have a new device.


I have filled in forms, sent emails, asked and asked and asked for support to have the old pass cancelled and a new one issued.

I have provided all the credentials and many days notice.

I need to travel now.

I don't want to hear from the "bot". Obviously Zendesk is not assigning my request to anyone... "Two days", "very busy" are now unconvincing excuses.

I need Eurail to help me OR cancel my pass and issue a refund.


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Have you asked Customer Support to disconnect your pass from the stolen phone? Did you add your pass number in the request to Customer Support?

I suggest that you  log into the request database to see what request/s that are logged for your email address. If there is no request for your email address, you need to enter a new request.

Use this link to come to the request database.

Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner.


Enter your email address and Click " Get a password".

If the system doesn't recognise your email address, then there is no request registered and you need to go back to the start screen and enter a request.

If you get a password, you can then log in and look at the status of your request/s.

Thank you AnnaB... The first response I've seen other than a bot, even though I understand you're in the community and not with eurail.

You'll be disappointed to learn that I was registered in the database and there are four tickets... The oldest entry is six days ago.

I've been fair but this needs to be escalated. Social media and PayPal are next level stuff.

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@PaulCam03 What was the status on your requests in the database? Did the requests have information about the pass number of your mobile pass?

OPEN Status on all four requests ( the same problem, four different tickets)

All four had the correct order number and pass number.

I have also uploaded my confirmation in the online forms

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I can understand you, but it does not help to send four times the same questions to the customer service. They answer asap to people that are currently traveling or will travel soon. All others have to wait. When do you have to travel? Did you mansion that in the help request?

Till the first day of travel you don’t need the pass.

I initially started the question when I wasn't traveling. After no reply the time approached that I am now traveling and needed the pass three days ago!!!! 

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If you have mansion your start day, then it is quit uncommon that they do not come back to you. 

Try to ask via Social Media Channels. There they answer quit quik.

The matter has now been resolved. Thank you.