Past Midnight Conductor

  • 30 December 2022
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I’m on an overnight train from Paris to Vienna and the conductor still hasn’t come around. It’s getting close to midnight and I’m worried when he asks to see my Eurail mobile pass it will not be there as the “travel day” will be over. The last pick up station is just after midnight. Is there anything I should or can do? I have our seat reservations, but what makes me most nervous is that this is the first time I’m adding a journey manually, as it was not in the rail planner app. Has anyone run into this problem before of a conductor not coming around until after midnight?


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3 replies

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At the top from Show my pass you can select the date and then even show “pasted” or future traveldays :) 

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This night train is in the planner by the way. If you request direct trains only, it will show up.

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There are generally no checks on those trains……...The car conductors should do that when you board.