(Poland) web site and journey planner disagree on using pass on Koleje Wielkopolskie trains

  • 27 June 2022
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On, for Poland it says this;

If I ask the journey planner online (or the app) using this I get this.


This train is operated by “Koleje Wielkopolskie Sp. z o.o.” which the web site does not say accepts the pass.

Which is correct, the web site or the journey planner?

I have a very vague memory that several years ago the pass could not be used on most local trains in Poland - i.e. that the web site is correct and the journey planner (and app) wrong.

Thanks in advance.


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This must-again be some antique rest that has long been overtaken by newer developments.

NOT valid on KM-since at least 3-4 yrs by now.

Valid on PKP/intercity (in principle only all-REServed trains ) AND PolRegio formerly Przewoze Regionalne) AND the progressive KD=KOleje Dolnoslaskie.

Some yrs ago they decided in PL that PKP should become self sustaining/commercial and that PR would run all the local lines/services. But several regions did not take it and split off their own system from PR and gave it a new name-mostly Koleje (regioname). Except KD none of these accept passes-but they have very low fares in western eyes. PR still runs well over 60% of all local trains in PL-but of course centered in some regions. They also do the short overtheborder runs to Lithuania/summer/weekends only and some lines to DE and CZ.

These are (from memory)

Mazowieckie-green trains, runs around capital WAW-also to both airports.

Now it even gets more serious: as city WAW also did not agree (this is a very common polish habit in general) started SKM (yellow/red-just like the trams) for the part of KM lines IN the city.

Slaskie-around Katowice/Bytom

Wielkopolskie-=old PL, around Poznan

LKA=Lodzkie Agglomeracje

ARRIVA-a known name, got the contract for around Bydgoczcs, uses old german stock

another one around Krakow

The special SKM (yellow/blue) trains around Gdansk-Gdynia are PR and accept thus passes.

Note: to make it even more confusing, other regions, Lubuskie, Lubelskie, kept PR but got their own livery-so the trains there do not look like PR, but they are.

This is a screenshot from the polish interrail reservation guide. So it’s not valid.

This is a screenshot from the polish interrail reservation guide. So it’s not valid.

@Hektor: Is this document publicly available? It’s in English so perhaps it might be?

I also found this from PKP IC while Googling -


This is basically what the Interrail web site says and what others have said and reinforces my view that the app (and the journey planner) are wrong.