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Hello, I am looking at planning a portion of our trip from Pontorson to Antibes France using our 2 month global passes.  Im wanting the shortest time for our route which comes up as Pontorson to Rennes to paris Gare de Lyon but from paris Gare de Lyon to Antibes its saying ‘pass not valid - you have to buy a full fare ticket to board’.  Im wondering why we would have to buy another ticket with our passes?



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Can you specifiy the date and details of the trains you’re looking at? Maybe the train you’re looking at from GDL to Antibes is (partly) a OuiGo, that’s indeed not included. But there should be plenty of other connections via ordinary TGV+TER.

Check on this website to get your seat reservations (for which you need a pass cover number). And maybe split up your journey (Pontorson-Paris and Paris-Antibes).


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This is surely because it is a Ouigo train (low-cost TGV). Passes are not valid on them.

There are other TGVs on the route though so it won't be a problem.

Keep in mind that you'll need to cross Paris so count 1h-1h30 margin :)

- Pontorson - Rennes 08:42 - 09:33

- TGV Rennes - Paris-Montparnasse 11:35 - 13:19

- subway transfer

- TGV Paris Gare de Lyon - Antibes 15:17 - 20:40