Prices: Global pass cheaper than UK only pass?

  • 21 July 2022
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I’m a first-time InterRailer, planning to only travel in the UK on this first trip (there’ll be a bigger trip later).  I noticed that all the UK-only passes are MORE EXPENSIVE than a Global pass!  Am I being stupid and missing something? For example, the pass I’m looking at - 4 days in a month, UK only (adult) is 291 Euro whereas a Global pass for the same period is only 246 Euro.  Am I liable to encounter problems just using the Global pass in one country?  I know it seems like a stupid question but the prices just don’t make sense.

As a secondary question:  I’m a British citizen living in Greece for many years.  From REAL LIFE experience please, how keen are UK train conductions on checking residency?  Are they likely to think I’m ‘cheating’ and don’t really live abroad - I’m clearly British from my strong Northern accent, hehe and I’ll travel a lot - visiting friends and relatives using a lot of local, suburban trains as well as long distance.  I have a Greek Permanent Residency card but no actual proof of address (as that doesn’t really exist here - in rural areas the houses aren’t numbered and most streets aren’t even named and we don’t have mail delivery). All other documents, such as bank statements and utility bills are online only, don’t have an address and, in any case, are in Greek characters which most UK rail staff wouldn’t even be able to read.

Am I over-thinking it?

5 replies

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€291 is the price for 1st class GB pass, 2nd class is €218.


The rule is residency not nationality or passport country, bring your residency card as well as passport.


I have traveled extensively in UK with passes, mostly Britrail though, and rarely been asked for anything beyond the pass itself.

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The difference is not big in the price, but the one country pass Great Britain should cost less about some Euros.

When you go to the One Country Pass, they show you directly 1st class prices and not 2nd class like at the global pass. You have to change. 

The validity is the same in Great Britain (Northern Ireland is not included, as they are in the One Country Pass Irland). The Global Pass gives you the opportunity to use it also in the rest of Europe. 

About your home country, you need a proof with you that you are living in Greece, than normally they can say nothing. But the train conductors in GB sometimes do not even know what Interrail is or how it works. At the train stations with ticket barriers you have to ask staff to let you in, because they can’t read the Interrail Pass. 

First class indeed!  I just found this out because I went to check again on the mobile app. and that one DOES default to second class!  Ah well, lesson learned - thanks!

Actually - at 18 Euro per day extra, that might be a better deal.  For sure at least two or three of the long distance trains I’ll take offer a complimentary meal/snack/drinks service in First.  Any experience of that?  Complimentary stuff is still offered on InterRail ticket in First without questions?

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Yes-or at least it was when I used it and that was pre-covid on several lines. MIdland was quite stingy, then there still was Virgin and they were very welcoming. In fact as I remember once seated in IC-1st noone from the staff for refreshmt really cared about tickets. I also then had the idea to treat myself for 1 week or so by BritRail and roam about the network. You may call that bordering on misuse

It is indeed the case that a global pass-for all of EURope on the continent, is a lot cheaper as a RailROver Network for 1 week-and as GB abounds in railfans and those desiring to ´do the network´ there have indeed been cases of people moving ´to the continent (that was easier in EU-days) just for that reason-to be able to roam the BritRail network extensively. But so is this for DE=Germany, compare to a BahnCard100=all network

However, IF any group of guards/conductors are fussy about ´misuse´ or revenue-protection, then it must be the british-followed by the swiss. There are also cases reported of Brits asked for proof of ticketing to go foreign on the OUTbound trip-as a normal return Inverness-LONdon (airports) cost more as a global Pass incl. this + the continent!

Talking of ‘mis-use’ - well, not really but certainly not great for the environment… On one particular day I’ll have to check out of my hotel in London by about 10:00 and I’m visiting my daughter near York who doesn’t get home from work until around 18:30 so… I’ll check out early and it’ll be lunch in Edinburgh or Glasgow I think - only a SLIGHT detour!  The LNER Breakfast looks quite nice, so if I can get that in the morning an then some kind of dinner and wine on the way back down… that justifies for 1st class for that day.