Problem with ID card and passport expired

  • 31 March 2022
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Hello, my name is Arthur Stephan, I'm french, and I won this year the interrail pass. But I have a problem concerning the authentification of my identity card and passeport. Indeed, both of my ID card and passeport are expired. So I cannot complete my inscription. On the other hand, I have requested few months ago to update my ID card and passeport, but my appointement is after the deadline of the 10th of april.

So I come to you to know what should I do, if I have to request a document that proove that I did the request for my ID card and passeport. To justify that I am wiating for them. Thank you for your time and I hope you will understand my issue.


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4 replies

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What kind of deadline is 10 April? What do you have to do before that date?

I have to fill in the discover EU registration form my ID card, in order to get my interrail pass. But as my ID card is expired, it doesn’t work unfortunately.

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In that case, I think the best is to ask the Discover EU team.

Ok, thank you a lot for your attention. I hope I will find a solution. Have a good day