Problem with Mobile Pass in Czech

  • 9 October 2021
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My QR-CODE is not recognized by the scanners of conductors in Czech Republic. They are telling me it would be invalid. Some conductors are just having a look at it and ignore it, some are forcing me to buy a ticket. How to deal with this issue?


Best answer by Nanja 11 October 2021, 11:14

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7 replies

Same here. 3 CD conductors today could not read the pass - fortunately none of them made me pay. I hadn’t heard of the problem first thing this morning so I don’t know if it worked for the only CD guard who spoke English :(

It also failed for KZC where I did have to pay but I didn’t expect it to work even though the app accepted the trains.

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Hi both, 

The carrier in Czech Republic is able to scan the barcode of our Passes. If the barcode is not recognized they can inspect the ticket via visual validation, meaning that the mpass ticket with QR code is inspected on security visually.  

There is always a small possibility of having to pay for a ticket or receiving a fine despite having a valid mobile Pass. In the unfortunate case that this does occur, we ask you to note down all details from the specific journey and train date/time/train number and route), and to get in touch with our Customer Support team as soon as possible. They will be able to assist you further.



@Nanja  Thank you for the response.

I’m sure I’ve used mobile passes successfully with CD before so I had the impression that something had stopped working which did work previously. It feels like a CD computer fault to me.

Four of the five ticket inspectors I had on Saturday did not speak enough English for me to negotiate with. The only one who did (the youngest) didn’t comment on any problem with his machine reading the pass.

You might consider having the mobile pass include some text in Czech that explains that “they can inspect the ticket via visual validation” so that pass holders have something they can use.

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@desperado  good point :)

@Nanja  the pass offer that i use (FIP) had till last year a smilar way on the Country Cupons (yeah we get a ticket for each country no “Global FIP Pass” ) On these the rules of valdity were written in the national language :)

to avoid questions FIP is a offer of few Railcompanies across Europe for their employee´s to travel cheaper or even for “free” like with Interrail/Eurail across Europe.

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Thanks for your feedback! I will pass it on to the right team within Eurail. it would be great if you can provide me with the details from the specific journey such as train date/time/train number and route. This way we can investigate it directly with the carrier involved. 

On monday we travelled from Krakow to Vienna and I was a little bit worried. Two conductors of CD 

scanned our QRs without any problems. I was relieved.

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I read messages about problem in Czechia from multiple people on Facebook, with some train staff really getting unfriendly and insisting on paying for a ticket. Something must have changed there.