Problème to save my trip in my pass

  • 27 August 2022
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Hello i dont speak very well in English. Im French 

i have a big problem now immediately.

I have 2 trips left to use on my 7day 1 month pass (trip 6 and 7)I have already used the inbound and outbound to go to Denmark from Paris on trip 5.and now I'm on the train to go to Toulouse from Paris and I can't register it on my passi have a message who say 

« It looks like you've used your outbound/inbound journeys
you'll need to buy a separate ticket to make this journey »

how can I associate my trip with my Pass please to obtain the QR code that I must present to the controller?the controller asks me for a high fine for me and my 3 children who are traveling with me.Thank you for your helpmy email address if you have an answer



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You can only travel on 2 days in your home country. As you already have used those 2 travel days you now need to buy normal tickets for the train you are on right now. 

Thank you for your answer.