Problems adding pass number to add traveller

  • 19 March 2022
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I got interrail passes for my family and want to make some reservations and so I come to this page. I try to add a traveler to my trip. I enter my last name and then try to enter the pass number, that I find on the confirmation letter for my mobile pass. It starts with an I and then 8 digits follow. But it says that only 6 didgits can be entered so it cuts off the last digits. Is there any kind person who can explain what I should do? Thanks in advance!


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Thank you very much for your reply! Oh I wnted to by a mobile pass but must have made a mistake and bought a paper pass. I will check that. Thank you for your help!


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6 characters is a pass number for a mobile pass.

If you have an I and 8 digits, you have a paper pass.

Mobile or paper pass is the first choice you have to make when you add a traveller and it seems you chose mobile instead of paper.