Proper naming convention in Rail Planner App

  • 21 November 2023
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I’m planning/learning/researching for May 2024 France-only trip. Will need to store 3 mobile passes on 1 iPhone (2 seniors & 1 adult). Have not bought the 7-day eurail pass yet. 

I am trying to understand how I should name my “folders” on the Rail Planner app.

“My Pass”: I believe this is where I will see the 3 passes (once bought & loaded on the iPhone)

“Planner”: when I do a test search using the “Planner” tab, after I select a journey, click on “Save journey”, I’m not sure which “folder” I should save in. (See “My Trip” for more details).

My Trip”: this is a problematic area for me. What is the “Trip Name” supposed to be?

  • using dates such as “May 19, 2024”?
  • using locations ? “Paris Est to Colmar”?
  • or just a general name like “France 2024”? 

I really want to do it correctly as I also need to duplicate journeys/trips to add to the other 2 senior passes on my iPhone.


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Each pass will need its own Trip. The Trip is where you store all the journey (trains) that you will travel with, so the name should be something like "France 2024 + the name of the person whose pass will be connected to that trip.

It is possible to copy Trips so start by making one Trip which you later can copy just before you start your travel.