Public transport between stations covered in Paris?

  • 16 June 2022
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Hey, guys one of my journeys is going threw Paris and I have to use public transportation to change between thee stations. Is that also covered by the eurail pass? 


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No of course not. YOu have to buy metro ticket (and be glad that as for now they still seem to do single cardboard ones-due to disappear since many yrs) for 1,90-find a machine in metro station that still sells them-most not. If pay with 2€ coin-expect there to be no 10 ct back ´supply exhausted´ KEEP ticket till end and dont fold/crumble it-at some exits at some stops they now also want you to use it to open gates to get out (was never the case before in real metro)

Okay thanks for you help. 

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Okay thanks for you help. 

@Lara Kruschel  Eurostar and Thalys trains offer Metro tickets often already in the BuffetCar. Back in 2019 i bought my transfer Metroticket already in the Eurostar Buffet Carriage. That way i could avoid the long waiting time at the ticketmachine and could avoid the scamers. (Carefull at the ticket machines are often helpfull strangers that say they find the cheapeast option for you and finally you have the wrong ticket. e.g. Kids instead of Adult ticket, Less Travelzones as needed)