Put in the wrong travel day. How do I fix it?

Hi I put in the wrong travel day and realised too late. I have only done 4 travel days but it now says I have done 5. I can prove I did not travel on the day it says I did and all the tickets for the other days. I am supposed to take my last train back to UK on Tuesday and so really need my tickets to be valid for then. What can I do? Will Eurostar understand if I explain it to them? 


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Contact Interrail customer support.

Hopefully they can help but do not try to travel once your pass has expired, you will be refused and possibly fined if you travel without a ticket.

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Only Customer Support can help you with this. You need to contact Customer Support through this form. But, as you are responsible for only activating a travel day when you travel, it is not certain that you will get your travel day back. 

When you contact Customer Support you need to write that you are currently travelling and includes screen shots of the trips added to ypur pass and explain what has happened. Also add your pass number.