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  • 25 July 2023
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On my first travel day I have several journeys in my trip as I am taking 2 trains in the UK to get to London before boarding the Eurostar, then a final journey from Paris to Strasbourg (all on the same day). Do I need just 1 QR code for all those journeys and therefore I add those journeys to my pass at the same time, or is it ok to add them individually & presumably do I then get a QR code for each journey?



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There’s one QR-code for each travel day. On every travel day you can add, delete or change as many journeys as you want.

Do not activate the travel day (= generate the qr code) until just before travelling (when you actually see the train you’ll be taking).

Same for other trains, add them to your pass when you’re about to board them. You never know if you take an earlier, or a later one.

Every train you take needs to be registered.



Thanks, that’s great. Do I need to add all 4 journeys for that travel day at the same time then, to generate the one QR code for the day?

 Or will code change for the second journey if I don’t add that second until after the first journey & just before I board it?

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You don’t need to add them at the same time. Once you add the first train of a day the QR code for that day is generated, subsequent trains you add just enter an extra line in the printed ticket under the code.

Depending on the train company the checkers will just scan the code or look at the printed ticket or on occasion both.

Fabulous, thanks for your help