• 22 November 2022
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Hi. I am trying to buy a pass for 1 country in the website. After completing all, it asks the day I will start travelling, but I can't enter the date, 9th december. It appears the 23rd december and I can't change it.

Can some one tell me what can I do??

I am buying a pass on paper.

Thanks a lot for reply.



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3 replies

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Which One Country pass you're buying? Could you provide some screenshots of the problem? Please remove any personal details. 

Perhaps it's the shipping time needed, you might want to buy a mobile pass or buy the paper pass at the closest international ticket office for you. 

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Paper passes have a long lead time as they need to be posted. They will not allow you buy a paper pass starting less than a month in advance.


Your options are to get a mobile pass or find somewhere to sell a paper pass in person.


Other members here have had passes issued in major rail stations in certain counties, I am not sure if RENFE in Spain sell them any longer though.

Depending on what country you wish to visit it may be possible to buy on arrival.

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It is exactly 1 month onward so it has to do with often very, very long time for the post/correos.

IF you can tell us for where and how you go there, we may tell how it can be solved

DO note-this is a very big misunderstanding often, that 1 country is what it says; ONLY in that pais. NOT for the trip home to there. Buenes viajes.