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  • 3 March 2023
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Hi all.

I checked the information about German Rail Pass.

It said I can use ANY DB train in the pass.

Here is the question. I hope to go to Praha, Czech. And there is a DB train to go Praha.

But the information about the other countries that pass can be used, there’s no Czech or Praha in that.

There is only Austria, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

In this case, Can I use the pass in Praha? or are those countries only I can go with the pass?

And if it’s possible to use the pass in Praha, can I use it in Praha as departure also?

If anyone knows about this problem, please let me know the answer.

Thank you.


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No, you can't go to Prague with only a German rail pass. If it's not listed on the website you cannot use it on that connection.

You can use the German rail pass, in Germany, until the Czech border point. You'll need an ordinary ticket to/from the border point to/from Prague. 

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Mostly trains change company at the border

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For the train to Prague, the operator changes to CD (Czech railways) at the border. The colour of the rolling stock or the staff uniforms is not significant.

oh, I don’t even think about the border. yes of course the trains change at the border. thank you all! I choose the first reply as the best answer because the website told me to select the best answer. but you all really gave me a big help. thank you again!! :)