Questions About the Group Eurail Mobile Pass

  • 24 August 2022
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My husband and I will travel to Germany in Sep-2022.  We purchased a group German mobile rail pass, we plan to travel together through the whole trip.  I have a few questions.

1). Can I only activate the pass on my device?  He doesn’t want to activate the pass on his cell phone.

2). How can I add his info on my device?

3). I already activated the pass on my cell phone with my own info without adding any trip plan yet, is it ok?

I do appreciate your help, thank you very much!


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It is most likely-as it seems ONLY for DE=Germany, the TWIN German railpass-sand this means (as it was also posted the other day with some info) that the 2 always have to travel together and only 1 ID has to be used. Twin=2 people, for us a group usually means more. ( and so in fact also for many special cheap german ticketings)

IN DE on DB there is NO mandataory RES on nearly all trains ( a very few NIghtJet-not run by DB, are exempt), but in many cases it is very advisable and easy to do-4,5-/pp, as ´seat only´ on for long-distacne ridesio=on IC/ICE, R and RE canNOT be REServed at all=local trains..

Do also be aware that sept/early oct is big festival time in DE-at various places, f.e. the well known München ´OKtoberfest-which is in fact mostly in Sept.-and this may mean sky-high hotel prices- in THOse towns. Nearly all these Feste are about big drinking-beer or wine.

Tip/hint: for what often offers fairly cheap and good accom: premier hotels/Deutschland-it is a well-know UK-chain recently also started in DE and they now have some 30+ HTLs in most major cities, nearly all close to stations. Are NOT in any booking/generic booking sites.

Other chains-more budget type-with many HTLs close by stations: Meininger, AO Hostels (both also do hoStelbeds) and hotelBB.

The pass is for TRAIns only, and NOT valid for local transportation, incl metro=U-bahn, Strassenbahn (streetcar) etc. But you can use it on S-bahn (tunnel local trains, signal white S in green circle)

Selamat jalan di kereta api listrik, lah!

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You can add multiple passes on one phone. I don't know how group passes work but if you have separate pass numbers that need to be activated, then I suppose you can do that on the same device.

To add another pass, go to My Pass and tap on the + sign at the bottom right.

You can test if it works but I do stress that after that it's best to deactivate the passes again until your first travel day.

Thank you, rvdborgt!

I bought the pass at Rick Steves website.  We have a 7-days continuous pass. Do I have to add my husband’s pass number on my phone?  I didn’t do it when I activated the pass, I don’t know how to add him on my phone now. 


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Where did you buy this group pass? I don't find anything about it on

As to question 3: there's no need to add any plan in advance. As long as you add any train you use before boarding it, you're fine.

It's best not to activate it in advance, since you never know what will happen. You can only deactivate a pass (or a travel day if you have a flexipass) until midnight CET before validity starts.