[Rail Planner App Feedback] Travel days and "outbound/inbound" travel days

  • 3 March 2023
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Hi there,


just a quick feedback for the great Rail Planner app since I found it confusing that travel days are shown next to outbound/inbound days used like this:

This may lead to people (at least me ;)) thinking that they have 7 travel days and in addition to that also one outbound and one inbound travel day. Of course, this clears up once you’ve added your first ticket, however I was confused at first and thought: yeah, that’s great, I must have missed this on the website that outbound/inbound travel days are on top (which they are not).


Possible solutions

  • Maybe an info button next to the text “outbound/inbound” would do. It could explain what these days mean and that there are a subset of the travel days.
  • Maybe another representation would be better, e.g. some nested layout, but I don’t really have an idea for that and it shouldn’t overcomplicate the layout.
  • Maybe add the text: “… therefore” (of the 7 travel days)


All the best,

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