Rail planner App not working an my mobile

  • 19 July 2021
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I installed the Interrail Rail Planner App (several times). But my mobile is always shutting down, when opening it. I´ve tried various ways solving the problem (reinstalling, App Settings as proposed, ...), but nothing has changed. Now it´s only 3 weeks to go, before our trip begins. The seat reservations are bought. What can I do, if I should not find a way to start the App on my mobile? How can I activate my pass and proof / show my tickets?

I reported the problem to the customer service some weeks ago, but the advice wasn´t helpful. The prior condition was always a started app e.g. for error logging and so on. But as I wrote: The mobile (Huawei P 8, Android 6.0, is shutting down after starting the app before I can do anything.


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7 replies

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Iam note sure but i heard that the RAilplanner need atleast the Android Version of 8.0 or higher :)

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The Google store says that Android 6 or higher is required:

So please contact customer service:

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Hi @O.Dichtler, our Customer Support team has just replied to your email to assist you further. Cheers, 

Thanks for all advice!

In the end, it seems, I will use another device, because on mine nothing helped.

The customer service had to remove the passes from my mobile (which I had successfully added the first time running the app) in order to make it possible adding them to another device. I hope that´s a definite solution.

If not - maybe we will walk up to norway ...

Quisiera que me asesoren no puedo añadir mí pase  y tampoco el de mí marido en la aplicación Rail Planner.

Baje la aplicación y cuando agrego nombre y número de pase me aparece error o me aparece no es correcto los datos.Que hago si no puedo viajamos en 20 dias

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What does the error message say?

For support get in touch with customer service via this link (write also, when you will travel):

Submit a request – Eurail Knowledge Base

Buenas noches ahora me aparece que no coinciden los datos porque será copie y pegué

Me pueden ayudar estoy hace tres días 

Puede ser que funcione mal la aplict Rail Planner


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