Rail Planner keeps crashing - URGENT - Travelling in two days

  • 10 March 2023
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Today the Rail Planner app keeps crashing on my iPhone despite working perfectly fine until today. I am set to travel in two days and the apps doesn’t work!

I have tried multiples times to deinstall then reinstall the app and suppressing it. All these attempts remain unsuccessful. I also shut down multiples times my iPhone and also liberated additional space.

I suspect this may be related to the last update of the app. 

I also note that I am already abroad and I am currently using a prepaid travel SIM card but I doubt that this could be the problem since when I put back my current SIM card, the app is not working either.

I have only a few seconds when the app opens and then close itself in a few seconds. I can see that my pass is also not in the app anymore.

Does anyone ever had this problem and what was the solution?

I have already sent an email to technical support but I fear they may not reply in time. 

I am set to travel (first train ride) Sunday March 12, Spain local time! 

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Reach out to customer service using this form following these instructions. If you indicate your intended travel date they usually answer quickly, and hopefully it gets fixed quickly (unfortunately bugs are pretty common in this app, but they've usually been fixed pretty quickly).

On Android the app seems to work well now. If you or one of your travel companions has access to an Android phone (or an iPhone where the app hasn't been updated or doesn't have the bug) you can move your pass to it if no solution is provided in time.